The Advanced Learning Schools are private, English language, international day schools that offer a full instructional programme, from Kindergarten to grade 12, for boys and girls who meet the admission requirements. Twenty percent of the curriculum is studied in Arabic: Arabic Language, Arabic Social Studies and Islamic Studies.

The school year consists of two semesters: September to January and February to June. The school calendar is aligned with state, private and international schools. The school day runs from 0730 to 1545, Sunday to Thursday

All of us at ALS strive to create international schools in which attention is paid to the language, culture and history of our host nation. This means that, while local students maintain and develop their place in Saudi society, students from other countries are able to gain first-hand experience of the culture of their host country and all ALS students benefit from being exposed to variety, new experiences and differences of many kinds.


Advanced Learning Schools offer a high-quality education in a safe and caring environment, with a commitment to life-long learning and digital citizenship, while inspiring students to become creative, compassionate, and analytical thinkers. 


Advanced Learning Schools prepare global citizens to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world, while honoring their own cultural heritage and identity.




ALS Students Appreciate:

  • Culture

    Arabic culture, language and literature

  • Personal

    Developing personal values while appreciating the values of others;

  • Understanding

    Valuing one’s own culture while understanding and demonstrating respect for the culture of others

  • Global

    Understanding multiculturalism within a global society.

ALS students strive for academic excellence by:

  • Learning

    learning how to learn and discovering the joy of learning;

  • Understanding

    attaining depth and breadth of academic knowledge and understanding;

  • Comprehension

    Understanding modern technologies and using them wisely and effectively; and

  • Acquiring

    acquiring the academic skills and knowledge required to gain entrance to and success at competitive local and international universities.

ALS students are committed to the spirit of internationalism by:

  • Demonstrating

    demonstrating respect for human rights and for the principle of equal rights, irrespective of race or gender; 

  • Practising

    Practising tolerance and living together in peace and developing skills for the peaceful resolution of conflict;

  • Understanding

    Understanding their individual responsibilities within society and the relationship between rights and responsibilities; and

  • Providing

    Providing leadership that demonstrates an awareness of ethical and moral issues.

We encourage students to:

  • Take part

    Share, cooperate and contribute responsibly to a global society;

  • Develop

    Develop sensitivity to appropriate work and social relationships consistent with the principle of equal rights, including gender equality;

  • Learn

    Display sound decision-making skills by reflecting on choices and consequences;

  • Balance

    Lead a positive, healthy life

  • Care

    Care for others as they would have others care for them

  • Share

    Share resources

  • Trust

    Build understanding and trust

ALS students benefit from an international education whereby they:

  • Gain

    gain historic and contemporary knowledge and understanding of the world through intellectual Endeavour;

  • Acquire

    acquire international understanding by studying and experiencing other cultures while, at the same time, acquiring knowledge of, and appreciation for, their own cultural heritage; and

  • Maintain

    maintain the fluency of their mother tongue while valuing the acquisition of other languages.


Our school prides itself in the fact that whilst being an IB World School, it also holds true Islamic values with an emphasis placed on offering a high quality of education in all areas including both Arabic and Islamic Studies for all Muslim students.”