Organizational Structure



The Advanced Learning Schools have been granted recognition by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education and operate under the governance of a Board of Trustees comprising distinguished professionals involved in government, commerce and education. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the development of the policies that control and direct the nature and the mission of the schools. The Superintendent is the chief administrator of the schools and is responsible for the implementation of policies and practices established by the Board of Trustees; the selection, hiring and placement of staff; and the full complement of day-to-day operational activities necessary for the effective functioning of the schools.


The ALS campus is located in the residential area of Riyadh known as Western Al- Nakheel district, north of King Saud University. The current temporary facility is in a complex of ten purposefully renovated villas and twelve temporary classrooms. These provide accommodation for administration offices, thirty classrooms, three science laboratories, two computer science laboratories, a library, two multi-purpose recreation rooms, two prayer rooms and a staff room. Adjoining the original campus are a soccer field, a volleyball court and a basketball court. In order to accommodate two classes per grade level from Kindergarten to grade 3, a new extension, next to the sports area, was opened in August 2007.  Further building will take place as needed until ALS moves to its planned purpose-built facility, which will be able to accommodate 1200 students.