2021-2022 School Profile

Advanced Learning Schools


Dr. Larry Molacek

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Ms. Christine Huda Dodge

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School and Community Information
Founded in September 2005, Advanced Learning Schools in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is a private, English language, international day school. The K-12 instructional program is coeducational from Kindergarten to Grade 3, and single gender from Grades 4 to 12. The student body consists of 675 children, the majority of whom are Saudi nationals. The school is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS).  The Class of 2022 contains 51 students, with 34 girls and 17 boys.

Curriculum Offerings
Advanced Learning Schools is an IB world school, authorized to teach the Primary Years Programme, the Middle Years Programme, and the Diploma Programme. The first IB class graduated in June 2011. 

Corona Virus (Covid-19) Impact Statement
Advanced Learning Schools ceased in-person instruction on 10 March 2020 and transitioned to distance learning immediately. During distance learning, the school day mirrored in-person instruction. The school used a semester grading system and the 2020-2021 final grades were based on a combination of first semester numerical grades and a second semester evaluation. For the 2020-2021 academic year, ALS provided online instruction throughout the year as per Ministry of Education directives. In distance learning, students attended synchronously via live streaming and were expected to be active participants. Our numerical grading policy was in place, along with the entire IB curriculum. 

In the 2021-2022 school year, the Ministry has implemented a trimester grading system throughout the Kingdom. Also, as per their instructions, we have returned to the face-to-face classroom for those students who are fully vaccinated (students ages 12 and over). A small number of students, who cannot receive the vaccination, are still being taught remotely. 

The Covid restrictions have had a profound impact on the number of clubs and extracurricular activities. In the current year, these activities have still not been launched, thus impacting quantity and quality of the student’s activities that are reported. In addition, academic achievement awards were also not granted in neither the 2019-2020 school year nor the 2020-2021 school year. 

Average SAT scores are not being reported last year nor this year due to the small numbers of students who were able to sit for the exams.

Graduation Requirements
The Class of 2022 is required to fulfill at least 26 out of 30 credits: English (4), Arabic (4), Humanities (3), Mathematics (4), Science (3), Physical Education (1), Islamic Studies (2), Social Studies of the Arab World (1), Design Technology (1), Theory of Knowledge (pass/fail), Fine Arts/Modern Languages (3*). * 2 out of the 4 credits are optional.  If students opt not to take Fine Arts or modern languages in grades 11 and 12, they must take 2 additional credits of science or humanities.

The 2021-2022 school year now consists of 3 trimesters and the school calendar is aligned with private and international schools. The school day runs from 07:20 to 14:40, Sunday to Thursday. Classes are offered in 55-minute periods.

Grading Scale, Ranking, and GPA
In line with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) grading, student scores at ALS are reported using a 1-7 Scale as is the GPA. Students are not ranked. 

College & University Acceptances by ALS Graduates

North America :

  1. Arizona State University 
  2. Boston University
  3. George Mason University
  4. George Washington University 
  5. Johns Hopkins University 
  6. Loyola University Chicago
  7. Michigan State University
  8. Marymount University
  9. Mt. Holyoke College
  10. New Haven University
  11. New York Institute of Technology
  12. Northeastern University                                    
  13. Pepperdine University
  14. Rhode Island School of Design
  15. St. Clair College, CAN
  16. Sarah Lawrence College
  17. Simmons College
  18. Simon Fraser University, CAN
  19. Smith College
  20. Suffolk University 
  21. The Taft School
  22. University of British Columbia, CAN
  23. University of California, Davis
  24. University of California, Irvine
  25. University of California, Los Angeles
  26. University of California, Santa Cruz
  27. University of Colorado, Boulder 
  28. University of Miami
  29. University of Minnesota
  30. University of Tampa
  31. University of Toronto, CAN
  32. University of Washington
  33. University of Waterloo, CAN
  34. Wellesley College
  35. Yale University

UK & Europe:

  1. American University of Paris
  2. Birbeck University
  3. City University London 
  4. Hult International Business School, London
  5. King’s College
  6. London College of Communications
  7. New York University in Paris
  8. Queen Mary University
  9. University College-London
  10. University of Manchester
  11. University of Westminster

KSA & the Gulf Region:

  1. Al Faisal University
  2. Al Yamama University
  3. American University of Kuwait      
  4. King Fahd University of Petroleum& Minerals
  5. NYU Abu Dhabi
  6. King Saud University   
  7. Lebanese American University
  8. Princess Noura Universit
  9. Prince Sultan University


P.O. Box: 221985                                   Riyadh 11311                                          Saudi Arabia                 
Phone: (966)112070926