Welcome to Advanced Learning Schools!

 I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in ALS and welcome you to explore our school.

ALS is an IB World School that offers the three programs of IB from KG1 to G12 for both boys and girls.

  1. Primary Years Programme (PYP) - From  KG1 to Grade 5

  2. Middle Years Programme (MYP) - From Grade 6 to Grade 10

  3. Diploma Programme (DP) - Grades 11 and 12

ALS is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as the Council of International Schools (CIS). 

We provide high-quality educational programs and enrichment programs to ensure enabling our students with all the tools and skills they need to be lifelong learners and make a positive change to their world and communities.

We invite you to explore our school and learn more about the ALS community. Please feel free to contact us to schedule a school tour and meet our team.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our new campus.

Enas Mustafa Aldajani
Admission Manager
920051888  Ext.110

Fatima Soubky
Admission Officer
920051888  Ext.111

Sarah Zakkour
Administrative Assistant
920051888 Ext.112

Admissions Process

Admissions to ALS is paperless, all applications should be submitted via this link.

Step 1- Fill out the application form using this link

Step 2- Upload all the required documents

Step 3- Schedule an appointment for the entrance assessment

Step 4- Pay the entrance assessment fee of SR 5000 plus 15% VAT (for non-Saudis)

Step 5-  You will receive the decision from the Admissions Office within 2-3 working days from the day of the entrance assessment

  1. If Accepted, the school will provide an acceptance letter to receive the original file from the previous school and hand it to the ALS admissions office.

  2. If Denied, the student does have the option to retest in 6 months, depending on the seat availability, without paying another entrance assessment fee

  3. If Accepted on probation, the school will provide an acceptance letter after the parents sign a probation letter which indicates the parents commitment to follow through the academic progress

Step 6- The first payment is due within 5 working days from the date of the results to reserve the seat 

Required Documents

  1. Copy of the Birth Certificate

  2. Copy of the Family ID Card  (for Saudis) Copy of a Valid Resident Permit (Iqama) and Sponsor’s letter validating employment (for non-Saudis)

  3. Copy of the student’s, mother’s, and father’s passports

  4. Copy of the updated vaccination card

  5. Copy of the previous school report cards for the last three years. If applying for Kindergarten no previous report cards are required


     Important Notes

  • For students transferring from outside the Kingdom, the report cards should be attested by the Saudi Embassy in the country they’re coming from
  • For students transferring from outside of Riyadh, the report cards should be attested by the Ministry of Education in the city where they attended their last school

  • For students transferring during the school year, an examination result should be provided  or a letter from the school proving attendance


Tuition Fees

  First Payment Second Payment Third Payment Total Payment
KG1-KG2 10,000 SR 25,000 SR 26,000 SR 61,000 SR
Grade 1- Grade 5 10,000 SR 30,000 SR 29,000 SR 69,000 SR
Grade 6- Grade 10 10,000 SR 30,000 SR 31,000 SR 71,000 SR
Grade 11- Grade 12 10,000 SR 30,000 SR 35,000 SR 75,000 SR
Due Dates 15 May 15 August 15 December  








* inclusive of 15%VAT for non-Saudi

Siblings Discount

ALS provides a sibling discount program. This program applies to the second child and offers a 10% discount on the total tuition fees of the sibling. This discount is applied on the third payment, under the condition that all the fees are paid in full before December 15 of each academic year. 

Payment Methods

ALS offers parents several ways to settle the tuition fees:

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Mada

  • Bank Transfer

You can find the details of the bank in the printable document here.

To ensure accurate processing, kindly provide the name of the student and their current grade level when making the transfer. Once payment is made, you can forward a copy of the transfer receipt to admissions@alsschools.com or you can send a WhatsApp message to +966 53 262 2402.