The ALS library: Versatile, Dynamic, and Goal-Oriented.

Since the library’s inception in 2007 and the subsequent installation of the Destiny program, its collection has grown in leaps and bounds, filling every space available with vast resources in 3 different languages and many formats. To date, we have over 24,000 titles in our collection. We continue to add new books, videos and resources annually and remove outdated and obsolete materials from time to time to replace them with materials that are revised, relevant and current. The library has study desks, computers, computer tables, and chairs thus providing a quiet haven for study and research. Additionally, the library serves as a comfortable venue for meetings, student and faculty presentations and college university representative visits. This increase of student and class visits to the library has led to the acquisition of an immense variety of resources; from books to audiovisual materials, CD-ROMs, periodicals, multimedia equipment and a ProQuest online subscription that allows students to access the global knowledge pool. Another resource is BrainPop, which is a variety of short clips and quick reviews of specific topics found in the academic curricula.

The ALS library is committed to, and fully supports, the IB programme that has been implemented throughout the school. We offer full support to teachers and staff with the effective and efficient delivery of the PYP, MYP and IB Diploma curricula. We provide students with supportive and enhancing audiovisuals aligned with their Units of Inquiry or Areas of Interaction, and materials that promote advanced levels of reading and essay writing. Our goal is to make learning through inquiry fun, wholesome, creative and integrated in a multicultural presentation and setting. We not only advocate and encourage reading for serious academic research but also for pleasure.
A list of resources is presented in a user-friendly, easy-to-access library web-based programme that can be accessed from home or anywhere there is internet connection. The library page on the school site provides easy and quick links to many topics. These include:

  • Links to popular, contemporary and classic writers’ homepages.
  • Links to help students create a “Works Cited” page in MLA format.
  • Links to mathematics, history and science challenges as well as fun activities online for independent practice for students of all grade levels.

We are very proud of our accomplishments and encourage parents to come and visit our library during school hours and see more of what we have to offer. We hope to see you soon!

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