Girls School

ALS Girls' 90th Saudi National Day 2020

Our Grade 6-12 girls express themselves through artwork, poetry and projects to highlight the history and culture of Saudi Arabia. Please enjoy this collection of students' work, in honor of Saudi Arabia's 90th National Day 2020.  


ALS is  part of the International Sports League of Riyadh (ISSLR). ISSLR was formed in 2002 to accommodate the shortage of inter-school sports competition in Riyadh. ISSLR offers in soccer, swimming, basketball, badminton, table tennis, athletics, volleyball, netball, and cricket. ALS in the past has participated in soccer, basketball, table tennis, and volleyball earning medals on several occasions. Our school's successes in the past include gold for the Girls' U14 soccer, silver for U14 Boys' soccer, and Bronze for Boys' U16 volleyball to name a few.

Other schools that belong to ISSLR include AIS-R (American School) BISR(British School), Al Faris and King Faisal Schools.

The sports programme offered by ISSLR is a good opportunity for our students to mix and socialize with other students from same age,  but from different schools.